Weekly Loves #5

I am currently away on holiday but as I had not posted last week I scheduled this post a few days ago. In reality, my current faves will probably be my flip-flops, my Kindle and an icy cocktail! But I’m also loving this stuffs:

Bumble and Bumble Freebie Bumble and Bumble FreebieI do love a good freebie. I’ve been drooling over the Bumble and Bumble Surf range but unfortunately my budget doesn’t stretch to £20 shampoo. Luckily, Elle have kindly given us a free sample of their Thickening range. I haven’t tried this yet but I’ll report back when I do!

Sharks SharkI love sharks. They’re getting a lot of attention this week due to Discovery’s annual Shark Week, but the one thing that’s a bit of a shame is the number of programmes that are aimed at driving people’s fear of them. Shows like ‘Great White Serial Killer’, ‘I Escaped Jaws’ and ‘Sharkpocalypse’ are fun but do nothing for the long term protection of sharks. I’m not saying we should attempt to go swimming with sharks but there should be less fear-mongering and more appreciation for the role they play in the oceans eco-system.

The film Sharkwater explores the truth about sharks and I recommend watching it to learn about the threats posed to them, and to us (just try and get past the annoying narration). More info at www.sharkwater.com

Pink hair! Pink hairDyed my ombre pink and I’m so pleased with it. It’s so bright! More pink than it looks in the above photo, I used Schwarzkopf Live XXL in Raspberry Rebel. I just hope that it’s not going to dye the hotel swimming pool pink!

Urban Outfitters Turquoise Polka Dot Bedding Urban outfitters duvet Still on daydreaming about house decorating and I think that this bedding is ‘the one’. At £60 for the duvet cover and £35 for the pillow covers, it’s a bit steep but I looovvvee it!

Available at www.urbanoutfitters.co.uk

Orange is the New Black  Orange is the New BlackI’ve just finished watching season 1 of this and I’m devastated! I need more! What happens? For the love of God WHAT HAPPENS??? It’s so good.

Exclusive to Netflix, get it here.

Thanks for reading. What has made your week?

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