Photo A Day – Week 32

I’m back from my holiday (boo) so posting last week’s Photo a Day Challenge pics a bit late. Yes, there are lots of holiday snaps.

Day 5: Early EarlyEarly birthday present for Miss Kerry! I’m away on her actual birthday so she’s getting her gift a bit early.

Day 6: This means a lot to me This means a lot to meCuddle time with Murphy.

Day 7: A sign A signYep, a literal sign. Not metaphors here.

Day 8: Peek-a-booΒ Peek-a-booBOO! Sneaking up on David on our hotel balcony.

Day 9: 2 o’clock 2 o'clockExploring the hotel grounds.

Day 10: Beverage BeverageCocktail of the day! This was a ‘My Valentine’ – vodka, strawberry syrup, coconut creme and pineapple juice. Tasty.

Day 11: I love doing this! I love doing this!Watching the sun go down and the tide come in.

I’ll post this week’s on Sunday. Come and have a look then! Oh and I’m on Instagram @AlleyHope – check it out, I have a cool instavideo of some dolphins at the mo!


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