September Nerd Block

Nerd Block September

This post is a wee bit later than planned, mostly due to the addition of a kitten to our household which make typing pretty much impossible, but here is my September Nerd Block review. This box is no longer available (I know, sorry!) but the October box is now on sale here. Nerd Block is based in the US and costs $19.99 plus $12.50 shipping to the UK – approximately £20.04, not too bad considering one of the items is always a t-shirt.

I bought this for my boyfriend, he was keen for this month’s theme of ‘heroes’ and he has put up with taking me to the Post Office depot for gifts for myself for months. Here’s what he got:

Nerd Block September Nerd Block September

A Guardians of the Galaxy inspired t-shirt. Luckily, you chose your t-shirt size when you subscribe and can easily change this on your account. I didn’t love the design of this one, but David likes it and has worn it so I guess that’s the main thing.

Nerd Block September

This is a bit of a weird one – a Nerd Block brain shaped stress ball. Fine if it’s a add-on I suppose.

Nerd Block September Nerd Block September

Marvel Mega Blok  collectors figure. We got the Green Goblin one. I actually think that the quality is a bit crappy. I don’t hate the concept – I love the Lego minifigure collections, but this just looks a bit rubbish.

Nerd Block September

This is much better! A Green Lantern Scribblenauts Unmasked figure. This is quite cute and I imagine you could build quite a cool collection with them.

Nerd Block September

Nerd Block gave me crabs! The box featured the gift of one STD for every subscriber in the form of a Giant Microbe Plush. I quite like this despite the fact it’s a bit gross. I’m sure Tilly will enjoy playing with it too.

Nerd Block September

This is probably the best item in the box. It throws in the tiniest smidgen of crafts but you end up with a pretty cool display. We’re both fans of the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons so this went down well.

Nerd Block September

And that was everything. The combined value is around £40. If I’m honest I wasn’t that impressed with the contents but David was pretty happy so obviously it’s just because it’s not aimed at me. Delivery was really quick, it arrived about 2 weeks earlier than expected so that was a welcome bonus.

Nerd Block do a version for younger boys and girls (I guess it won’t have STDs in it!) as well a themed horror box and an arcade box. I’m definitely interested in giving the horror one a go sometime soon and of course, I share it with you here.

What do you think of Nerd Block?

9 thoughts on “September Nerd Block

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  2. Gemma says:

    I love the fluffy std! It reminds me of this giant plusher face hugger from the film Alien my friend has😄

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