Models Own | Polish for Tans

Models Own polish for tans

The sunny weather may long since have departed the Scottish skies but I’m still holding on to the belief that it’s still summer. Or at least my nails are. I’m late to the Models Own Polish for Tans party but I’m so not ready for the muted shades of A/W. The USP of Polish for Tans is that the bright neon colours flatter and accentuate tanned skin. Tanned skin is not for me, but luckily it also works on pale hands. I found that actually it did give the illusion of slightly bronzed skin.

Polish for tans beach bag

This is ‘Beach Bag’ and is a bright peach colour. To me, it’s a pretty unique colour, I certainly don’t have anything like it in my collection.

Polish for tans Shades

This is ‘Shades’ a gorgeous coral pink. The formula of both of these are the same – slightly thick but easy to apply if you take your time to apply three thin coats. They dry to a semi-matte finish like most neons. This does expose imperfections on your nails but if you’re using a base and topcoat this shouldn’t be a problem. The colours are definitely worth it!

There is another paler pink available in the collection as well as a neon green and a highlighter yellow. The whole collection is pretty impressive but these two are for sure the best. Available at

What do you think of Polish for Tans? How far into the autumn do you think I could get away with these shades?

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