Sunday Catch Up #17

Hiiii! I’m back after three weeks! Did anyone miss me/notice?! It’s been a busy few weeks for me but I’m happy to have some blogging time again. It might take another week or so to get back into a flow but we’ll get there again.

EIFF Tickets

The reason for my disappearance! Edinburgh International Film Festival happened. I only saw 11 films, but all good, especially Snowpiercer which was just incredible. Hopefully it’ll have a UK release. I  also absolutely loved The Green Inferno and the Q&A with Eli Roth (yes, really) and Lorenza Izzo was hilarious, it lasted an hour and went on past 1am yet all the audience stayed – good sign. Best Q&A I’ve ever seen. There were also some awesome parties but I can’t really remember enough about them to share haha!

EIFF Nails

EIFF branded nails. Yeah, OK, I’m a loser. But I kinda love these.

Filling station

So a couple of non-EIFF things happened too. I went along to The Filling Station’s VIP party for the relaunch of their newly refurbed High Street branch. I have a full post and review up on this tomorrow so do pop by to find out what I thought of the experience.


I also happened to pop into St James Centre where I haven’t been for ages and discovered a couple new shops so had to have a wee spree. First up, Essie Button’s favourite, Tiger. A Swedish shop that is impossible to categorise, the selection is bizarre and varied but awesome. I picked up sticker and tape (can’t say no to a bit of stationery) mint headphones, kitty cat socks and a cooling eye mask. The only thing I needed here was the eye mask – EIFF has given me extreme eye bags – but I just couldn’t resist the rest!

There is also a new discount book shop. The ASOIAF books aren’t the next I’ll be reading (or even the next in the series) but they were half price and the right cover so I just bought them anyway. I also got The Bling Ring and What the Grown-Ups Were Doing, two for £5, for some lighter reading.

And that was pretty much my month. I have more EIFF snaps on my Instagram, including Simon Helberg playing some jazz piano and when the Imperial Army came to visit – check it out over herrrre.

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