Sunday Catch Up #8

I’m spending this Sunday at my parents, meaning I’ll be red-eyed and sneezing due to my newly developed allergy to Murphy. I build up a tolerance to him when I stay there but just now I need high doses of Piriton to get through the day! Does this happen to anyone else? Part-time allergies?

Her and PancakesThis week I went to see Her which I actually really liked. Will do a review on it next week.

Tuesday was of course Pancake Day. I made the Blogilates 2-ingredient Banana pancakes and smothered them with maple syrup and blueberries. Mmmmm yum!

Bomb Bath BombsI’ve been obsessed with baths recently. I also started a new book (The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion) so that obviously requires super long baths. I’ve been digging into my Bomb Cosmetics Lucky Dip box and enjoying the Bluebell Bellini and the Candy Love bombs. Super fizzy and softening. Lovely!

New Look haul and Snail MailI didn’t do a Catch Up post last week, but the only thing I did was a spot og New Look shopping. I bought a cool mint ‘Hello Brooklyn’ t-shirt, a check shirt (can never have too many of those), another new bag and a water cup. No reason to the cup, just liked the pattern.

Rather excitingly, I received this rather awesome package from my Snail Mail swap partner. I’ll share what I got in more detail soon.

I also went to the newly open Burger for – surprisingly – burgers. Again, I plan to do a full post on this, that will become the beginning of my official search for the best burger in Edinburgh. Sounds like a tough job, eh? If you know of a great place for burgers in Edinburgh, please let me know!

Hope you’ve had a good week!

5 thoughts on “Sunday Catch Up #8

  1. Ooh those pancakes look delicious! I’ve tried the Blogilates recipe a few times but they never turn out as nice looking as yours!
    And I love your New Look haul, the pattern on the cup is so cute so I can definitely see why you bought it :)

    Lauren |

  2. Yes part time allergies are definitely a thing! I grew up around our cat Martin so was never allergic to him, but as soon as I moved out of my parents house and into my own place I began to find I was allergic to other people’s cats because I no longer had a tolerance! Mad!

    Glad you enjoyed Her, I saw it a few weeks ago and really really loved it! I found it quite difficult to explain to people who hadn’t seen it why it was so good but it just really touched me, I felt quite teary at the end!

    I’m off to Edinburgh for the day in April, it’s a nice quick train journey from here so I’ll be interested to hear all about great burger places x

    1. It’s so annoying because I really want kitty-cuddles when I come round!

      I think it’s because it seems so believeable. Robots might not go on a rampage and try to take over the world, but they will break your heart.

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