DIY Cocktail Wreath

DIY Umbrella WreathI love an easy peasy DIY, I’m forever pinning them on Pinterest although sometimes it takes me a while to get to doing them. I pinned the Paper Umbrella Wreath by Family Chic at least a year and a half ago. I finally got round to doing it last weekend. It took me ten minutes. Yeah, get crafting your pins, folks.

DIY Umbrella Wreath componentsAll you need is a whole load of paper cocktail umbrellas – I got mine from eBay here, 144 for £3.99 – and a foam oasis – again I got mine from eBay here, two for £5.99 – bargain!

DIY Cocktail Umbrella wreath how toI’m sure you can figure this bit out, but all you do is open the umbrellas and push them one by one into the foam. Make sure you do one pointing up the way and one facing downwards to make sure that as much of the foam is blocked from view as possible. I tried to ensure an even distribution of colours.

DIY paper umbrella wreathDIY Cocktail WreathTa-Da! I’ll be hanging one on my front door and one on my living room door for my pre-birthday  cocktail party. I’m sure it’ll get everyone in the mood. And the best thing is this only cost £10 and I have plenty of umbrellas left for the drinks. Result!

What do you think of this DIY? Do you have any alternative wreath ideas?



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