Sunday Catch Up #6

I have been a ‘bad blogger’ this week. I had two scheduled posts at the start of the week, about average, but I haven’t been very present. No Twitter chats from me, comments not moderated, stats not checked. Oops. But it’s been a busy week and I have lots of ideas for upcoming projects so this will improve I’m sure.

One thing I did achieve was to create a Pinterest board for my blog pics. I have four pics on there as I’m writing this and one repin already. I’d love it if you could go give it a little follow here.

White Russians and Mini EggsTotally brilliant week diet-wise! Haha, not! David’s dad’s birthday called for a Chinese takeaway, a catch up with friends at Lebowski’s needed White Russians and tripled fried tats, The Lego Movie mentioned tacos so many times it would have been rude not to join in and Valentines Day can only be described as a binge. One food discovery you might find interesting – one of those ‘big’ bags of Mini Eggs only contains enough to fill a ramekin. Might as well have the whole bag then!

Superdrug Forever 21 Haul Makeup look FOTDOn Thursday I picked up a parcel from Forever 21 and accidentally went on a wee spree in Superdrug. I bought the whole of the Barry M Silk Collection – it’s amazing, full post tomorrow, a mascara which I definitely don’t need, two of the new Maybelline Master Kajal eyeliners and a Revlon Matte Balm and Lacquer Balm. For important research purposes obviously. I’m wearing the Matte Balm in  Elusive, the mascara and the Lapis Blue eyeliner and I love them all. Success!

Next week I pledge to be more frugal, in my spending and in my eating!

What have you been up to this week? Any indulgences?


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