A Mag Education – The January Edition

A Mag Education JanuaryBit of a ‘quiet’ month for me, magazine wise. Since getting into blogs I’ve basically stopped buying weeklys and this month saw a serious reduction in my glossy-buying. Not sure why, just busy I guess. Also, you will notice, no freebies this month. Sad times! C’mon magazine editors – it is (was) Christmas!

Company January 2014   Company januaryMy fave magazine of the month was Company. It was their #companysocial issue so had lots in it about social media, from YouTuber interviews (yey Zoella!) to a LinkedIn how-to – something I definitely need! They also introduced a new column Love My Life. Like a lifestyle blog on a page featuring Anna Barnett and her favourite recipe, hangouts and mates, it’s nice to have a feature that’s just about being positive.

Company JanuaryInsta-Glam was about makeup to make you look Instagram flawless 24/7 featuring X-Pro II,Rise, Amaro and Kelvin. What no Valencia? #nofilter

Company JanuaryThis Insta Outfit article was definitely of interest to me. I want to get into doing more fashion related posts but lack of a tripod, decent background and general self-consciousness holds me back. Maybe this is the way forward for me?

Company JanuaryLastly, Gem Royston-Claire celebrated all that she has learnt from Beauty Bloggers in her column. Definitely agree with you *slathers face with Hydraluron*

Glamour January 2014 Glamour JanuaryProving Gem’s point above, Glamour had it’s 2014 Beauty from A-Z, at M, (just one example) the Marchesa nails wraps that did the rounds on the blogs months ago. C’mon Glamour!

Glamour JanuaryI did enjoy this interview with Jennifer Saunders, although I felt as though Celia Walden asked very ‘light’ questions. Anyway, I love how honest she was about her frustrations with the BBC and how corporate and detached from the public it has become. Refreshing to have a bit of honesty from someone within the industry.

Cosmopolitan January 2014 Cosmo JanuaryDespite the title and the blurb of this feature being slightly worrying, Cosmo quite rightly condemned the double standards in the law and in society when it comes to protecting boys as well as girls from sexual predators. Feminism is about equality, in all areas, for the sake of everyone.

IMG_7194 IMG_7195I love the styling and location of the Winter Whites fashion piece. Wish I was brave enough to rock sequins with my chunky knits. One day!

What magazines have you been reading lately? I’d love some new, fresh titles for 2014, any recommendations for me?


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