Nail Rock Press Ons

Nail RockToday I wanted to show you the nails I had on Christmas Day. I was orginally planning on going for something plain but glittery but that went out the window when these turned up in my stocking.

IMG_7051IMG_7048This was my first time trying press on nails and I liked them more  tham I thought that I would. I popped them on, trimmed them down with nail clippers and quickly filed. I found these to be easier to apply than nail wraps. They lasted all day untill I took them off in the evening.

Most of all, I loved the pattern and combination of colours. I will definitely check out more press ons in the future.

What was on your nails on Christmas Day? Have you tried Nail Rock’s Press-On nails?

One response to “Nail Rock Press Ons

  1. I’ve not tried press on nails before but these look great. I love the pattern!
    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


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