Topshop Festive Fairisle Nail Wraps

Topshop festive fairisle nail wrapsToday I have a little review of a rare foray into nail wraps for me. I don’t often use nails wraps, I actually find them quite fiddly to use (am I the only one?) but occasionally I’ll see a design that I have to have but know I won’t be able to recreate with my nail art skills. The ‘Festive Fairisle’ wraps from Topshop are one such example. They are £6.00 and available online here,  but no doubt will be on sale very soon. You need your own base and top coat, nail file and scissors to trim.

Topshop festive nail wraps Topshop festiva nail wrapsIt’s supposed to be as easy as matching the wrap to your nail, stick on and trim the excess. But as my nails are fairly tiny so I always have to trim round the edges, which is tricky due to their stickiness. However, that aside, I think these are fab. You don’t really notice any uneven edges once they’re on. They do start to peel if you bash them about about and this was after about two days for me. If you were more careful I think you could get a week out of them.

I love the pattern too, so Christmassy!

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