Revlon Chalkboard Nails

Revlon Chalkboard NailsI was mooching about Superdrug the other day, planning on buying some stocking filler and not anything for myself, when I spotted these marvelous bottles. I’ve seen the Ciate Chalkboard Manicure but at £25 I passed on it. These were £7.99 each on 3 for 2 and came with a gift with purchase. So I couldn’t say no.

The double ended bottle contains a matte black polish – which is truly black, not grey, and dries to a proper, completely matte finish – and a matte chalky colour with a striper brush. The bottles are gorgeous. The matte glass is very appropriate to the theme of the polish and I’m sure any nail addict would love to see something so unusual in their stocking.

Revlon Chalkboard nailsI went for ‘Spring Break’, the mint green colour, and ‘Liberal Arts’ a very pale blue. I found that the striping brush was slightly thicker than the ones I am used to so I was a bit heavy handed with it. So far, I really like it. I need to practice a little with the brushes and work out the best designs to use these for, but I’m glad a picked them up, even if just for the amazing true black matte polish.

Revlon RitzyI also wanted to show you the gift with purchase from Superdrug because it is December and this is a slightly more festive polish. This is ‘Ritzy’ and I believe that it is an exclusive shade.

Revlon ritzy‘Ritzy’ is a sheer black base with black and silver glitters throughout. There are large and small glitters and even the occasional square glitter. This reminded me of a silver version of polishes like Barry M ‘Gold Mine’ which I absolutely love but I haven’t seen too many black and silver combos about. The above photo is three coats on their own, which is still not as black as I would like, so I’d recommend painting one or two coats over an existing black or dark base. The little red bow is a sweet touch too.

As part of the 3 for 2, I also picked up a pack of the Marchesa 3D Jewel Nail Appliques which I haven’t tried yet but will share when I do!

Have you tried the Chalkboard nails? What do you think of them?

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