Mani Monday – Rimmel Total Eclipse

Rimmel Sapce Dust Total eclipse nail polish***NEW FAVOURITE NAIL POLISH ALERT***

I was intending on reviewing both this and the ‘Luna Love’ shade in the same range but I made the mistake of applying ‘Total Eclipse’ first and  I ain’t removing this for nobody! The Space Dust collection is new from Rimmel and is a line of textured glitters, similar to the OPI Liquid Sands or Barry M’s Royal Glitters. There are 5 colours in the range and they cost £3.99 (currently in the Boots 3 for 2 too).

‘Total Eclipse’ is a black/green base with very finely milled green glitter running through it. Inside we have Rimmel’s brilliant rounded corner, thick brush which makes application a dawdle. The polish seems quite thin on the first coat, but it only took a second coat to achieve an even and opaque coverage. It dries to a texture which is noticeable but not so rough that you fear it would catch on things – your tights for example. As I’ve said before, I personally love this finish, but I know that it’s not for everyone. Nothing a quick slick of topcoat wouldn’t fix though. If you did pop a gloss topcoat on I imagine that the look wouldn’t be dissimilar to China Glaze’s ‘Smoke and Ashes’ from the Hunger Games collection. Gorgeous.

Rimmel space dust total eclipseI love the colour, I love the finish and I love the application. A winner in my book!

What do you think of the textured nail trend? Any other brands that do this well that I should try out?


4 responses to “Mani Monday – Rimmel Total Eclipse

  1. Ooh this is pretty! And only £3.99 too! Bargain :)

    Olivia @

  2. adela cechova (@AdelaMissPink)

    Great colour!
    Adela x

  3. adela cechova (@AdelaMissPink)

    Great colour.
    Adela x

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