Mani Monday – Shopping My Stash #1

Welcome to a new sub-series of Mani Monday – an attempt to cut down on my nail polish purchasing by re-discovering what I already have! Obviously I’m not promising never to buy another polish (the love runs too deep), but I do want to try to keep the collection to two drawers in the old Helmer.

First up – Nails Inc ‘Motcomb Street’ Motcomb streetYou may have noticed the blogosphere going crazy for a certain Essie ‘After School Boy Blazer’, a cool deep blue-black shade. So I thought “Hmm, I wonder if I already have something like that?”. Well, you bet I do! ‘Motcomb Street’ is the most beautiful blue-black going. A one-coat wonder that, like ‘After School Boy Blazer’, is almost black until a certain light hits it and it reveals its inky heart.

Motcomb StreetDue to the complete lack of daylight at the moment I had to resort to the flash but you can see the lovely navy base in the above picture.

So there you go. I no longer want to jump on this particular Essie bandwagon. Yes, Nails Inc is more expensive than Essie, so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend you get ‘Motcomb Street’ over ‘After School Boy Blazer’ but you probably don’t need both. And best of all for me, I got ‘Motcomb Street’ free with Glamour magazine last year. Boom! Double saving!

Woo, I think this feature is going to be fun! Thoughts?

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