Photo A Day – Week 28

Wow, a full week of sunshine! Thank you weather gods. It’s been an interesting week, we started the mammoth task of clearing out the festival storage unit, I bid a sad farewell to one of my wonderful placements and I had two beach trips accompanied by friends and their cute doggies. Good week in all.

Day 8: Path PathFollow the yellow brick road.

Day 9: 3 things 3 things3 things that I bought today, all from Tesco! How cute is the swimsuit?

Day 10: Smooth SmoothCan’t beat smooth, creamy vanilla ice cream and fresh Scottish raspberries.

Day 11: I wore this! I wore thisThe usual jeans and t-shirt was accessorized by a puggy lap warmer. Cheers Dita, it wasn’t hot enough already!

Day 12: A bad habit a bad habitConstantly playing with my hair. Ew, its gone all lank and greasy in this pic! Gross! This, ladies, is exactly why you shouldn’t constantly touch your hair. Top tip that.

Day 13: 4 o’clock 4 o'clockStuck indoors rewriting an essay :(

Day 14: Edible edibleEdible beauty.

Follow me on Instagram @Alleyhope. As well as the FatMumSlim challenge you’ll also see lots of pet pics, nail art, food and brightly coloured Vans.

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