Personal Planner Review

2016 Goals & Resolutions

Personal Planner Review

Happy New Year everyone! Hope there are a few sare heids out there this morning – a sure sign of a good Hogmanay. I’ll have been necking the Prosecco all night while watching Netflix (party animal) so likely still asleep when this post goes live. Yey for scheduling.

OK! It’s New Year Resolutions time! Whether you vow to change everything or nothing at all, I always think a new year is a good time to pause and think about what you want to do. I’ll confess, I never revisit my resolutions to find out if I’ve achieved anything, but I do like to set them. Even if only one sticks, that’s good enough for me. So here are my broad goals for twenty-sixteen:

  • Read 50 books. Make a least one a classic. Stop trying to finish books I am hating.
  • Put in more effort. At work. On this blog. With socialising.
  • Get the diet back on track. No more weekly takeaways.
  • Get creative. Do more DIY, crafts maybe even draw something. Work on my photography.
  • Stop being boring/bored. Do more stuff in Gloucestershire and Bristol. Museums, galleries, events etc. Go to them.

I prefer to set fairly loose goals as I realise that for me, it’s unrealistic to expect to change to much in the one go so I prefer broad aims I can work towards over the year and beyond. Bit by bit is my style.

What resolutions and goals have you set for 2016? Or are you not setting any?

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