Pop Culture Snowflakes DIY

Pop Culture Snowflakes DIY

Today I wanted to share some links with you for these awesome DIY snowflakes. At work we have a little competition between the offices – a Christmas Dec-Off – to see who has the best decorating skills. Obviously we’re going to win in Bristol, we’re going for a handmade theme so I whipped up these snowflakes. I feel like we should get extra points for them being based on film, TV and games since that’s our biz.

Anyway, enough rambling. Here’s what I made and the links to the templates so you can make your own.

Pop Culture Snowflakes DIY

Game of Thrones House Sigils from Krystal Higgins. These don’t actually have a lot of internal bits to cut out so they’re the easiest of the bunch even though they look pretty complicated. I love them all but I think the Night’s Watch and the Baratheon ones are my favourites.

Pop Culture Snowflakes DIY

Star Wars by Anthony Herrera. There are so many Star Wars options on Anthony’s website, it’s amazing! I must admit I went for the easiest looking ones but I might attempt a few more. These are the original pop culture snowflakes and the best.

Pop Culture Snowflakes DIY

Minecraft snowflakes via Instructables. These ones were actually pretty difficult due to all the right angles! Make sure your knife/scissors are sharp.

Mario Mushroom from Atelier Drome. They also have a Kanye West template. Oh yeah.

Pop Culture Snowflakes DIY

Frozen by Anthony Herrera. I think Olaf is my favourite of the whole bunch. He is so adorable! Anthony also has Guardians of the Galaxy ones on his website too so make sure you check them out too if you’re a fan.

Making all of these took me pretty much an entire day but I enjoyed it and I’m revelling in all the compliments I’m receiving for my mad paper cutting skills.

Let me know what you think of these! Hopefully you’ll love them as much as I do.


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