Book Review | The Day We Disappeared

The Day We Disappeared Book Review

The Day We Disappeared Book ReviewThe Day We Disappeared by Lucy Robinson

I realised that I never included this book in a wrap up post (I think I read it in September) but I really liked it so I wanted to post a quick review on it.

Annie has had a hard life since a childhood trauma instilled a deep-rooted fear of relationships. She gets by with a handful of good friends, following her passion for alternative therapy and avoiding thinking about her secret. Then she meets Stephen, her knight in shining amour who has the potential to save her from her past.

Kate is Annie’s spunky Irish pal from Ireland, Annie’s rock who always looks on the bright side of life. However, she also has a secret, one that have forced her to drop off the radar. While things are looking up for Annie, Kate is hiding out in the last place anyone would look for her as a stable hand for a not-at-all handsome professional rider.

On the face of it, this isn’t at all my type of book. At first it seems like a straight-forward romance based story, albeit with a hint of mystery surrounding the girl’s circumstances. However, I found it to be much more than this. The characters were all very well developed and realistic. Kate’s story is imbued with a lot of humour as her blagger, louder-than-life personality shines, while Annie’s is quite tense as suspicion and mistrust is built.

Overall, I would encourage anyone to give this book a go. It’s not massively challenging, it is quite a quick read but it’s hugely enjoyable. I’m really keen to read more from Lucy Robinson now.

Have you read The Day We Disappeared? Did you enjoy it as much as me? Or do you have any other book recommendations for me?


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