Tanya Burr Nail Polish ‘Duvet Day’ Review

Tanya Burr Duvet Day

Tanya Burr Duvet Day

With so many blogger endorsed ranges launching here and there, it’s difficult to know what’s actually good. No matter what they say, the beauty bloggers you usually trust are hardly going to trash something with their mate’s name on it are they? So, unfairly or not, I didn’t have huge expectations when I ordered some pieces from Tanya Burr’s relaunched cosmetics line. I decided to order one of her eye shadow quads (more on this later) and the ‘Duvet Day’ nail polish.

Tanya Burr Duvet Day Tanya Burr Duvet Day

The new packaging is very nice on the nail polishes. I do kind of hate the whole removable lid to reveal a tiny grippy brush, but that’s personal preference, I get it and I know it’s a popular option these days with high-end brands such as Nails Inc and Butter London going down this route. Still, just design a decent lid in the first place, eh. I do like the gold lettering on the bottle which matches the lid and the little off-set heart is quite a cute and very ‘Tanya’ touch. The brush itself is pretty standard – small and round, but well cut and not shedding.

Tanya Burr Duvet Day Tanya Burr Duvet Day

On the nails, ‘Duvet Day’ is a lovely pale grey colour with a very subtle hint of blue. It’s a classy neutral which will transition well through all seasons. I absolutely love the colour. I think it’ll look awesome with a little bit of silver glitter over the top as we head towards the festive season too. It also dries with a lovely shine so no need for a top coat if you’re feeling lazy.

I was feeling lazy when I painted my nails with this so I skipped the base and top coat. Y’know, to give it a proper test and I was actually pleasantly surprised. This lasted 3 days on my without chipping. Three! Including housework, typing and washing my hair. This is almost unheard of on me so I am very impressed.

Therefore, I have no hesitation Β in recommending this nail polish and saying that it is worth the Β£4.99 price tag. I hope that the rest of the range has as good formulation as I’d be keen to try out a few other colours now.

Have you tried any of the Tanya Burr Cosmetics nail polishes? Which ones do you like?


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