Summer Book Haul

Summer Book Haul

Summer Book Haul

Occasionally I go a bit mad in Waterstones and end up buying all the books. Of every genre. I just love browsing, buying, reading. I’m a sucker for a nice cover and I will read anything. With an hour and a half on the train each day it’s no surprise really. This is what I picked up recently.

Summer Book Haul

Maddaddam is the last book in the trilogy of the same name by Margaret Atwood. It’s a scarily plausible science fiction and I loved books one and two. Can’t wait to see where she takes it.

The Tell-Tale Heart is one of Penguin’s 80 classics for 80p each. I’ve never read it so going to give it a go. Might wait for a stormy night!

Summer Book Haul

All the Light We Cannot See  is an epic set during World War 2 and follows the converging stories of a young blind girl in France and a boy in the Hitler Youth. It’s just won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction so I’m sure will be quite the read.

The Bees is literally about bees. It’s a dystopian vision… but with bees. Genius.

Summer Book Haul

I’ve seen a lot mixed reviews about Elizabeth is Missing but I’m intrigued enough to try it for myself. Maud is convinced her friend is missing, but she is in a nursing home for dementia and no one will listen to her.

I Let You Go is a crime thriller following the hit and run of a five-year old boy. It promises a bit twist – will I see it coming?

Summer Book Haul

The Axeman’s Jazz  was something I definitely picked up for the cool cover! Set in New Orleans and about a terrifying serial killer, it sounds like a dark and thrilling ride.

Meanwhile Techbitch, is the polar opposite. Set in the catty world of magazines, apps and blogging, it sounds like a fun chick-lit, not a genre I usually go for, but hopefully will be good.

That’s my recent buys, but not gonna lie, got lots more on the Amazon wishlist. Let me know if you’ve read any of these (no spoilers please!), or any recommendations.

3 thoughts on “Summer Book Haul

  1. inhomedecor says:

    I like the book “All The Light We Cannot See” . . . where did you buy this? Nice collections. Also. thanks for sharing it.

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