July Wishlist Shark Week

July Wishlist | Shark Week

July Wishlist Shark Week

It’s Shark Week! TBH every week is shark week to me, cos I freaking’ love sharks, but it’s the time of year when everyone else gets excited about them as the Discovery Channel starts their annual Shark Week programming this Sunday. So this month’s wishlist has a distinctly toothy feeling in honour of the top of the food chain.

Clockwise from top left:

Great White Shark Embroidery Art from Art for Animals (£6.50 with 10% donated to animal charities)
I’m having a great love affair with embroidery art at the moment – my Instagram is loaded with great artists and I am in awe of the craft. I love this simple stitch which I think captures the softer side of the Great White (still wouldn’t cuddle ’em though!)

Shark Bag by The Rodnik Band (£79)
Absolutely love this novelty bag with a cheeky grin! It looks like the perfect bag for a night out, holding just the essential.

Ocean Cologne by The Library of Fragrance (£15)
Well what else would a sharkie smell like?

Hammerhead Shark Necklace by Honoloulou’s (£21 with £3 donated to Sharks4Kids)
I adore these handmade (in Bristol) necklaces, available in multiple shark silhouettes and a range of patterns and colours. The charity supported by Honoloulou’s works with kids in Florida to educate them about sharks and all the great things they do for our planet to foster the next generate of shark advocates and help protect them in the future. Great cause!

July Wishlist Shark Week

Suede Fringed Shark Tooth Backpack from River Island (£45)
If the Rodnik bag is a bit OTT, this RI offering is far more subtle and hits the fringing trend for the summer. I do love a good backpack too.

Shark vs Mermaid Swimsuit by BlackMilk (£45 depending on AUD exchange rate)
I’ve wanted this swimsuit for ages and ages, I’ve seen countless knockoffs but I’ve no doubt that the genuine BlackMilk one will be worth the wait and the dollars. It’s two of my top films in one glorious mash up! (Sorry Ariel).

Shark Print Vest by Illustrated People at Topshop (£25)
I know that sharks aren’t mindless eating machines like this vest might suggest, but you gotta respect that gob! Pure summer cas’.

Shark Attack Platform Heels from Sour Puss (£32 depending on USD exchange rate)
Yeah… don’t think I’d be able to walk in these but I’d look fierce as f*ck and that’s all we really want from Shark Week.

If you love sharks as much as me tell me why in the comments and let me know about any cool discoveries!

3 thoughts on “July Wishlist | Shark Week

  1. Amy says:

    I need those shark attack heels in my life! Again, completely versatile so I’m sure I’ll wear them with everything (shh). This post reminded me that I started a cross stitch and never finished it, I love it but forget to make time.

    Amy – fourcatsplusus.co.uk

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