June Wishlist Dinosaur

June Wishlist | Dinosaur Inspired

June Wishlist Dinosaur

Welcome to this month’s wishlist, which, as you can see is themed all things dinosaur. I am obsessed with dinosaurs, I just find them so interesting, and this month is looking pretty heavy on the dino-activities. I’m going to see Pete Larson and Jack Horner at Cheltenham Science Festival and I’m going to the Edinburgh Zoo Nights to see the Dinosaurs Return exhibition. Pretty excited!

Here’s my current wishlist clockwise from top left:

Glitter Plesiosaur Brooch from DesignosaurYEAH (£12.09 each)
It’s Nessie! I love these sparkly accessories, but I can’t decide between the blue and green.

Dino Dance Jersey Sleeveless Tank Top from Chaser LA (£40.50)
This is currently on sale but they only have limited sizes available. Be quick if it takes your fancy. I particularly like the pterodactyl on this top.

T-Rex Print by Aimee Bray (£6.00)
Aimee Bray is a tattoo apprentice and her work is amazing already. Not sure if I’m ready to get this bad boy tattooed on me, but I’d certainly like him hanging on my office wall. She also has an awesome velociraptor and a  pretty badass ocra. I need ’em all.

Dinosaur Clutch Lime by The Whitepepper (£40.00)
This deeply impractical bag also comes in black, but go bold or go home right? A lime Stegosaurus – it’s the stuff novelty clutch dreams are made of.

Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton (£5.99)
The book that started it all. I’ve never read it but I feel like I must soon. I’m not a big believer in the whole “the book is always better than the film” thing, especially because Jurassic Park is literally one of my favourite films, I can’t imagine liking the book more… But I am interested in the source material and seeing how it’s been adapted.

Dinosaur Dress with Front Pockets by Worn By (£25.00)
Another item currently on sale. I like a good pocket on a dress so this is a nice casual summer option. I also kinda like that the dinosaur on the print looks a bit perplexed. Makes a change from just aggressive. Giant lizards have feelings too guys.

‘Rare and Radiant’ Bohemian Nail Polish by China Glaze (£3.95)
I had to include a couple of beauty items and this bronze/olive duochrome polish is perfect for a slightly dino inspired mani. This would be cool with a scale print accent nails. Yep, 4 years on, still loving the accent nail.

‘In the Garden’ Eye Shadow Palette from Stila (£25.00)
This doesn’t look like much from the photo but I like the look of the bottom row for creating a gold smoky eye with a flash of green – the match your nails of course! The Smudge Stick that comes with it is also black with gold and green shimmer so would really ramp the look up into night out territory.

OK, closing my laptop now before I spend all my money! Let me know if you’ve made any good dino discoveries lately.

3 thoughts on “June Wishlist | Dinosaur Inspired

  1. Kaily says:

    So funny, I actually dressed my son in a dinosaur shirt today:) I would totally wear that dress!! LOL

  2. sarah says:

    So appreciate this dino-fashion post! I so almost bought this dinosaur print jumpsuit for the graduation ball but then realised it might not be appropriate. Although it is dinosAWESOME (??). xx http://www.asos.com/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=5078337

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