The Library of Fragrance Gin & Tonic Cologne

The Library of Fragrance Gin & Tonic Cologne

The Library of Fragrance Gin & Tonic Cologne

The last time I smelt like a G&T was when one got upended into my lap on a recent night out. Luckily, The Library of Fragrance has created a way for you to smell like you favourite libation without wasting your gin. Well, almost.

The Library of Fragrance hit UK shelves last year with a unique selection of singular scents based on iconic and evocative fragrances. The range is certainly unusual when you read the labels (Dirt, Paperback, or Baby Powder for example) but are designed to tap into your olfactory memory. For example, Playdoh will instantly take you back to your toddler days.

The Gin and Tonic* fragrance is, as you can imagine, a zesty, crisp scent with a hit of juniper. To me, it’s a very refreshing scent which is lovely for both men and women and actually reminds me a bit of CK One or something similar. As it’s a cologne it’s quite light and you can layer a few fragrances to create your own bespoke scent. If you wanted to make G&T a bit more feminine, a floral such as Orange Blossom would be a fantastic pair for it. The bottle is a very sleek and simple design – perfect for your handbag.

The Library of Fragrance Gin & Tonic Cologne is £15 for 30ml and is available in Boots.

P.S. the background in the photo is the Discover Gin magazine – I seem to have had gin on the mind recently, can’t think why!!


2 thoughts on “The Library of Fragrance Gin & Tonic Cologne”

  1. I love the look of these, but would find it so hard to narrow down which fragrances I wanted! The G&T one is a great summer choice though!

  2. I love the idea of this fragrance, being an avid gin fan myself this would be an obvious choice for my next purchase! I’ll have to check it out at Boots 🙂

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