Face Mask Fandom | Origins Vs Superdrug

Origins Face Masks

Origins Face Masks

Today I have not one, not two, but four face mask favourites to share with you. Excessive? Maybe, but it makes sense so bear with it.

Firstly, the Origins wonder-pairing of the Clear Improvement charcoal mask and the Drink Up Intensive overnight mask. I have dehydrated skin, but it’s still prone to the occasional hormonal blemish. This is where the charcoal mask comes in, providing a vacuum-like clear up of pores and improving the look of blemishes. By it’s nature, it’s a drying mask so I always team it with the Drink Up mask. I leave this on overnight (it smells of mango and apricot as well – amazing) and I wake up with soft, clear, hydrated skin. Winner!

Superdrug Face Masks

However, as much as I love the Origins range, they cost Β£23 each, ouch! So for less indulgent days I go for the own brand range from Superdrug. The De-Stressing Face Mask is an aloe vera mud mask which also gives pores a deep down clean. The aloe vera also treats any existing blemishes and diminishes redness. Again, I like to follow this up with a moisturising mask and the Hydrating Face Mask is perfect for this. The key ingredient is Vitamin E which my skin loves. You can either use this a traditional mask which you remove after 20 minutes or as an overnight treatment. I prefer the latter, but that’s possibly due to laziness! The best bit? These are Β£2.59 each, and honestly, they are just as good as pricier brands.

I really recommend you check out the Superdrug own range for dupes or alternatives to your favourite skincare products as they have a fantastic range. Plus it’s all cruelty-free. I love it.


9 thoughts on “Face Mask Fandom | Origins Vs Superdrug”

  1. This is a great post as you are comparing two products on either end of the price range! I have never tried either of them but this has given me a good idea on what I should buy from my next Superdrug purchase πŸ˜„

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