Caring for Ombre’d Hair with Ojon

Damaged Hair Kit Ojon

Ombre, balayage, highlights, pretty much the go-to techniques for ladies looking to give a little ‘lift’ to their hair colour. We love to lighten our hair – it denotes a healthy, outdoorsy lifestyle soaked in sunshine. But it can sadly have a harsh effect on our poor tresses, leaving them damaged, brittle and a bit worse for wear, especially if your colour is coming from the bleach bottle. I’ve had ombre’d hair for about three years so the very tips of my hair are definitely feeling a bit sorry for themselves now.

So when, a couple of months ago, I was invited to a consultation with Jennie Roberts, a Treatment Technician for Ojon, I knew she would have some top tips for me. Jennie recommended a number of products from Ojon for me and also addressed some of my haircare worries. As my hair is not coloured from the roots, a lot of it is ‘virgin’ hair. My hair is fine and tends towards the greasy end of the scale, especially from day two so is only dry on the bottom third and I have a sensitive scalp. Therefore I need my moisturising products to be light but effective.

I left with a few wonder products to get my locks in order. First of all, the Ojon Rare Blend Protecting Treatment*. This is a heat protecting styling spray. It’s incredibly light so I use this when I feel like cremes will weigh down my hair too much. Heat is the number one enemy for damaged hair so a heat protecting treatment is a must. Secondly I went for the Ojon Rare Blend Oil. There is a number of varieties of this oil available but Jennie recommended the Rejuvenating Therapy Lightweight Texture* one for me (seems obvious but I would have totally got sucked in my the pretty colours of the Medium and Thick Texture ones!). She also recommended using just one drop at a time and only adding more as I used the product over time and my hair started to repair its dryness. I can say that this has worked wonders!

Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Treatment Plus

Lastly, I picked up the Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment Plus*. This is an intense hair treatment that you use like a mask. It is a hard waxy texture in the tub that you need to scoop out with a teaspoon and warm in your hands to apply. I use this just on the coloured ends of my hair – it would be too heavy for the roots and lengths. I must admit I don’t love the smell, but it is bearable for the 15 minutes that it takes to soak into the hair and do it’s stuff. I use this once a fortnight and that’s enough for me to see a difference – I’ve had no split ends when normally they would be appearing by now.

Ojon is a premium brand so it’s expensive but you do get your money’s worth with the quality of the ingredients which include 100% natural essential oils. And as Jennie explained to me, for my hair type, less id more so these will last me a long time. If you were only able to pick up one, I’d recommend the Hair Treatment Plus which starts at £19 – it is amazing. Ojon is available at Boots so do check them out. Your ombre will thank you!

What are your essentials for colour treated hair?

2 thoughts on “Caring for Ombre’d Hair with Ojon

  1. vogueinfatuation says:

    great post, so useful! thinking of getting my hair ombre’d soon too x
    just followed, would be much appreciated if you followed back <3

  2. Jadirah Sarmad says:

    I’ve heard about the brand before only from Essie Button and I am glad it worked wonders for you! :) x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

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