Upping My Blow-Dry Game with Bumble & Bumble

Upping My Blow-Dry Game with Bumble & Bumble

To some extent, the perfect blow-dry is all in the technique. At least it is for me. On my own I can get the front section looking pretty good, then I get tired arms, or I’m not quite coordinating both hands round the back… This level of hopelessness needs some pretty fool-proof products in my arsenal.

Luckily, the Bumble and Bumble Blow Dry* range is exactly that: fool-proof. Recently, they have added two more products to the bestselling Blow Dry Straight creme, Repair for damaged hair and All-Style for fine hair.

Upping My Blow-Dry Game with Bumble & Bumble

Straight is not really designed for my already straight hair. However, a few curly haired ladies I know swear by this stuff. As it’s a blow-dry treatment, it has built in heat protection, perfect for hair that’s about to be blasted with hot air and straighteners. It’s lightweight formula smooths without weighing down and leaves hair feeling soft and healthy.

Repair is the best option for anyone with self-inflicted damage on their do – and let’s face it, that’s most of us. I like to use a bit of this on the ombre’d lengths of my hair. It adds extra protection and nourishment to the bleach-stripped tips while sealing split ends. It’s slightly heavier in consistency than Straight, but as you only use it on the lengths and ends it doesn’t leave hair lank.

My favourite of the bunch is All-Style. Designed for fine or oil-prone hair, it truly offers something different. The formula includes oil-absorbing powders to soak up grease, making your blow-dry last longer. Genius. Used from root to tip, All-Style is a do-it-all crème which simultaneously smooths, de-greases, and adds a bit of much needed texture to flat hair.

The Blow Dry range is £23 each and is available here. I definitely recommend All-Style, I wouldn’t be without it now.


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