In Other News | October

Cute Kitten Sleeping

What’s been happening | what’s the plan | and all that other shizz

So I don’t really have much news to share other than that we got a kitten! Which to be fair, is pretty big news. Tilly has been with us a month now and she’s settling in nicely. We adopted her from the SSPCA when she was 9 weeks old so she’s still really young and needs a lot of attention. I had planned to do lots of Halloween related posts, but trying to do anything with a playful/cuddly/demanding kitty climbing up you is pretty much impossible. Still, it’s a good problem to have. I might do a full “Meet Tilly” post with how we adopted her and what having a kitten is like soon if you would be interested in seeing more kitty pictures?

And that is all I have to report… I really need to get out more. Well, only 6 days left of October then we can officially start making Christmas plans, right?! What’s been happening in your month?


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