Eats | The Huxley

The Huxley Edinburgh

Located at the west end of Princes St, The Huxley is a bar that I’ve always passed but never gone in. Well no more! Last week, on a bit of a rainy day, me and David popped in on the hunt for burgers and cocktails – as we always are!

The Huxley Edinburgh

The menu is not massively extensive, but it certainly doesn’t disappoint. The Huxley is known for it’s burgers and especially for it’s hotdogs. On this occasion though, we both went for a steak burger.

The Huxley Edinburgh

Oh. My. Word! This is the Piggy burger – a steak mince burger with pulled pork, maple glazed bacon and pork scratching crumbs. Truly, a big dirty, greasy burger. It really hit the spot. Recently I’ve been big on pulled pork and this one easily measured up against all the rest. I enjoyed the sweetness of the bacon but mostly I loved the crunch that the pork scratching added, the first time I’ve had this on a burger. This mountain of food was only £8.50, cheaper than we were expecting but with no compromise on quality.

The Huxley Edinburgh

For drinks we went all out. I started with a Kentucky Threesome – Makers Mark bourbon, mint and sweet cherry. I actually didn’t enjoy it, the cherry was over-powered by a oddly strong orange peel so it wasn’t what I expected. I followed this up with the far more successful Cool Rummings which was a blend of rum, tropical juice and garnished with sweet passion fruit. David started with a classic Innis & Gunn swiftly followed by a Grape Gatsby martini with elderflower and Absolut Kurrant which went down far too easily.

Gourmet burgers are very much in vogue at the moment with more and more burger joints popping up in Edinburgh. The Huxley more than holds it’s own against the newbies. It’s a trendy atmosphere with very reasonable prices, and comfortable surroundings. I loved the burger but the next time I go back I’ll definitely be hitting up the hotdog options – chilli cheese dog, get in ma belly!

Where is your favourite burger joint? I wanna try them all!

5 thoughts on “Eats | The Huxley

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  2. Hayley says:

    For some reason I was always under the impression this place did really posh food :S That burger looks amazing and so is the price. Seriously need to check this out at some point:)
    Water Painted Dreams xo

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