Face Mask Fandom | Lush Brazened Honey

Lush Brazened Honey

Despite the fact that I am a big fan of Lush, I had never tried one of their fresh face masks until recently. I popped in on something of a whim and explained to one of the assistants there that I was after a mask that was exfoliating without being stripping. Brazened Honey was recommended and I eagerly tried it that night.

Lush Brazened Honey

Brazened Honey has a thick consistency with ground almonds that provide the exfoliation and honey to moisturise and soothe. I don’t love the smell, it’s very herby but it definitely feels like you’re doing some good for your skin. The exfoliation may be a little to harsh for sensitive skin but for those who don’t have to worry about that, it’s great. My skin felt fresh, clean and soft after using this.

Lush Brazened Honey

The pot is £6.25 for 75g and easily does five applications. I think I spread it a little thin in the above photo but it still did the same job and didn’t overwhelm my skin. You do need to keep this in the fridge and it only has a shelf life of about one month, but if you’re using once of twice a week it works out to be £1.25 per application (5 applications), pretty comparable to the Juenesse Montange sachets.

Overall, I’m happy with my little foray into the world of Lush skincare. I’ve been taking more time to treat my skin recently and it’s looking all the better for it and it feels great too. I really want to try Oatifix and maybe Cupcake too – I’m a sucker for a chocolate scented anything!

Want face masks would you recommend? Lush or otherwise!

7 thoughts on “Face Mask Fandom | Lush Brazened Honey

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  2. Clare says:

    I need to get back into lush products haven’t brought any for ages! This looks really good!

    I nominated you for an award because I love your blog! Check it out here

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