Drinks | Nola Vodka Spritz

Nola Vodka Spritz

Hi Ladies! If you had seen me last Saturday night you will have quickly realised that I love a cheeky vodka or 10. However, necking cheap vodka ain’t so classy so when I spotted Nola Vodka Spritz on the supermarket shelves I knew it would help me up my vodka game.

Nola is a new, pre-mixed, low-calorie vodka based drink aimed at women looking for a lighter, fruitier alternative to wine. They come in both slim 25cl cans and  70cl bottles which look like wine bottles. The packaging is certainly very attractive and stands out on the busy supermarket shelves.

I tried both the watermelon and strawberry and the raspberry and elderflower flavours, two quite trendy flavour combinations. The strawberry and watermelon one was fruity and crisp, but I preferred the lightly floral flavour of the raspberry and elderflower. Neither were overly strong or sweet, so also a good alternative to fruity ciders which can be a bit sickly after half a bottle. I really enjoyed Nola and would buy it again for a Saturday night blogging on the sofa (like tonight!). At £2 a can or £6 a bottle it’s not too bad a price either.

P.S. This isn’t a sponsored post, just thought these would appeal to my fellow blogging ladies.



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