GlossyBox UK May 2014 Review

GLossybox UK May 2014

Glossybox kept their collaborators for the May box top secret for ages, so needless to say, people were expecting big things, particularly since May was the company’s third anniversary in the UK.When I found out that they were in fact teaming up with Superdrug, who are also celebrating a birthday – 50 years no less- I was pretty happy. I think Superdrug have been on their game recently (dodgy celebrity scales aside) with exclusive editions and first releases.

Here’s what I received: glossy box May 2014 UK

Totally packed! This box contained five full size products and two samples. A pretty generous offer.


The samples were a Garnier Oil Beauty Lotion – a magazine style sample but I’m happy to give this a go, it sounds very luxurious and a sample of Ghost Eclipse fragrance. I’m just happy that these aren’t counted as a main product and instead they’re free add ons.


My first full size product is the Solait Illuminating Facial Bronzing Cream (fake tan for the face) worth £2.99. I was a bit worried that this would make me as orange as Lucy Mecklenburgh on the cover of the Glossy Magazine so I tried it on the back of my hand. It didn’t seem to do anything so maybe I accidentally wiped it off. I’ll try it again but to be honest I don’t wear tan so I’ll probably just pass this on to someone.


B. Sheer Conditioning Lipstick in ‘Merlot’ worth £6.99. I wasn’t sure about this, it doesn’t seem terribly sheer and looks a bit sparkly but once blended in is actually quite a nice glossy red. Packaging is beyond awful though. I would be put off by the cheap, flimsy feel of it and don’t think I’d pay £7 for it when there are higher quality products at a similar price point. That said, I will use this one now I have it.


Next up is the least glamorous item – Scholl Velvet Smooth Overnight Mask for £7.99. A foot mask is not terribly glam, no, but let’s be honest, pretty useful for coming into summer.


I was really pleased to see the Vaseline Spray & Go Coco as I’ve been wanting to try this. RRP is £4.99. I am extremely lazy when it comes to moisturising, even the Nivea in shower is a step to far for me, so I’m keen to see if this can make me change my ways.


Finally, I received the L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Black, £10.99. This is my favourite product from the box. I’ve heard so many good thinks about this mascara but I’ve never tried it so looking forward to trying it out.

So all in all, a pretty good box I thought. Having had a look online it seems that there were a few different options floating about and while I don’t think I got all the best stuff (the Max Factor Primer would have been pretty sweet) I by no means got a rough deal. It seemed that there were definite lower quality boxes though (sparkly lipgloss and hair donuts) so it does seem like that some people are pretty disappointed.Which is a shame and a really risky strategy.

This is my first Glossybox and while I want to try something different next month, it’s probably been my favourite box so far. I don’t mind that this one has been all high street  when it’s this good a mix but I’ll be watching closely to see if they’re going to go back to luxe samples in the coming months. To be honest I think the smaller size of the high end products might not go down so well after May’s crammed box.

What did you get in your Glossybox this month?


7 thoughts on “GlossyBox UK May 2014 Review

  1. clurrrrr says:

    I got the crap box. Doughnut rings and a children’s lip gloss. Rimmel Mascara and caviar nail beads will be used, along with the samples… But the face tan I won’t be using. So glad I used my glossydots..

    • AlleyHope says:

      That’s such a shame😦 I’ve read a few people’s reviews now and I can’t believe the discrepancy between the value and the quality of some of the boxes! One or two products different would be fine but it seems like some people received a box of £15 while other were upwards of £40 value. Crazy!

  2. Sonya Danielle says:

    Massive discrepancies, not good Glossy! I got a good box and should have received the primer but they forgot to put it in…hmmmm not impressed! You can see what I go here: xx

  3. gypsysapphire says:

    I have nominated you for this award. Keep the reviews coming!

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