#BEDM | British Sandwich Week

Huge Sandwich

Sometimes it seems like there is a national week for literally everything. British Sandwich Week? I remember seeing a programme where restaurant chefs were told that in a poll British people chose the humble sandwich as their favourite lunchtime meal. The chefs were appalled, but doesn’t that show us that every week is Sandwich Week, do we really need an official date to ‘celebrate’?

Anyhoo, sorry for the negative start. Look at that sandwich! My boyfriend is the king of sandwiches. He doesn’t see sandwiches as a quick bite to eat, something you slap together in two minutes. No, this is a proper meal. It deserves time and respect.


He started by hollowing out a white bloomer loaf and putting some streaky bacon under the grill. He then creates the ‘cheese barrier’ – a layer of cheese to stop the bread getting soggy from the lettuce. Shredded lettuce and sliced tomatoes are next. Then it’s meat time. British Pastrami, Brunswick Smoked Ham and British Turkey slices are joined by the crispy bacon in an unholy quadrilogy. And the final step – condiments. David went for salsa for his but I’ve recently discovered coleslaw on sandwiches instead of as a side dish – OMG crunchy, creamy goodness!


This mighty beast defeated both of us and the remains are waiting patiently in the fridge for round two.

What’s on your ultimate sandwich?

6 thoughts on “#BEDM | British Sandwich Week

  1. Chloe - New Girl In Toon says:

    That’s a proper Joey Tribbiani sandwich! I usually have salad at work every day but maybe i’ll make this a great excuse to have sandwiches instead 😀

    Chloe x

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