#BEDM | Motivation (or Lack Thereof)


Ironically, the motivation prompt has landed on a day I am feeling the exact opposite of motivated, hence this post going up quite late. The term ‘motivation’ for me always brings to mind that awful ‘inspirational’ quotes pictures or Instagram accounts where the people seem to live in the gym and I think that’s a problem for most people. A quick flick through the #BEDM tag on Twitter made it look like a lot of people see motivation as a ‘big’ thing – you need to be achieving huge amounts to be able to say that you’re a motivated person. A bit like when people don’t want to say that they’re clever or good-looking.

Actually, when thinking about it, motivation can be what helps you achieve small things. I’m motivated to go to work everyday so I can pay bills and have enough disposable income to have nice things and to buy myself fresh flowers (see, above picture did have a reason).I’ve been motivated enough to keep up with #BEDM for 9 days now. Tomorrow I’ll feel motivated to do some gardening, even though I hate it because my Dad will shout at me otherwise.

I wish that there was a shortcut to motivation for the big goals – for me it’s getting healthy – but in reality, no motivational poster will get you there. *Closes Pinterest and eats a biscuit. So instead let’s celebrate the small achievements and the little splashes of motivational juice that helped us along the way.


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