Lush Easter Products

Oh Lush! You certainly know how to part us from our dollars, with your fancy new website and “Limited Edition” signs everywhere. Here’s a review of some I couldn’t resist.

Fluffy Egg Lush Fluffy Egg Lush Fluffy EggIt’s a pink, egg-shaped bath bomb with a flower on either side. It smells like Snow Fairy (a bit like candy floss) so if you like sweet smells you’ll like this. It turned the bath pink and softened the water ever so slightly, but it fizzed away in about 1 minute. And er, that’s it. At Β£2.95 it’s an OK price but I’d only really recommend this if you love the smell of Snow Fairy and are missing it. Otherwise you might be a bit disappointed.

Bunny Lush BunnyOh-em-gee how cute! This is the Bunny bubble bar and I hated it! It is an evil bunny never the like seen since Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Here’s some action shots and I’ll explain why: Lush Bunny Bubble Bar Lush Bunny Bubble BarOh look! It’s pink inside! Hang on, what’s that stuff? Oh well, can’t see it in the bath…

The Bunny bubble bar gives a reasonable amount of bubble (not “mountains” but enough), the water goes a nice soft pink colour and it smells kinda like a muted down version of Fluffy Egg due to the vanilla – sweet but not sickly. The blue bits in the middle, it turns out, are cornflower petals, a nice touch but I can’t see many in the bubbles. But then when the bubbles start to dissipate it all goes wrong. Firstly, they disappear rather quickly, long before it’s getting out of the bath time if you’re planning a luxurious soak. Secondly, you’re left with all these small petals floating about, sticking to your skin, gathering in your belly button. This would be fine if they were lovely blue petals, but they’re not, they’re brown, dead and look like your bath is full of bugs. And then you have you try to get them out of your tub after your nice “relaxing” bath and they’re everywhere. At Β£3.25 for a bathtub of misery, this is one bunny to avoid.

Secret Garden Lush Secret GardenLet’s end on a positive. The Secret Garden bath bomb premises you a “garden of flowers” but luckily it doesn’t literally deliver on this. It does scent wise, it’s a floral, rose smell with a hit of citrus to liven things up.

Lush Secret GardenThe first layer fizzes fast and leaves a thick foamy top, before the bulk of the bomb fizzes at a much slower rate for a good 10 minutes until your bath is a lovely grassy green colour with beautiful soft water once the foam dissolves.

Lush Secret Garden Lush Secret GardenThere’s a few petals in there and one complete bud, but these are large and easy enough to pick out of the bath if they are bothering you. This bomb was Β£2.95 and by far my favourite of the three.

Have you tried any of the new products in Lush? Which do you recommend?

14 thoughts on “Lush Easter Products

  1. Haha, I hate stuff floating in my bath too! I always freak out because I think there are bugs in my bath! This stuff should come with a little warning label.

  2. Oh no, I hate when there’s things in bath bombs that you’re not expecting… It’s always such a shock! :P

    1. Oh man, tell me about it! I once had Dragons Egg before a day out and when I saw the gold glitter appearing literally jumped out the bath!

  3. I haven’t tried any of the Easter products yet, really need to pick some up before its too late.


  4. I have been loving LUSH’S Easter offerings. Esp Secret Garden it left my skin so soft

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