Barry M Aquarium Collection – Pacific

Barry M PacificI wasn’t that taken with the Barry M Aquarium collection when I first saw it, thinking it was more suitable for late summer and autumn than spring. Still, it didn’t stop me picking up one bottle to try. I picked ‘Pacific’ the blue-green duochrome foil.

Barry M Pacific Barry M PacificLook how shiny and duochromey it is! It goes on quite thin so needs three coats. It has a very strong shift between blue and green in both natural and artificial light. It’s the kind of polish that has you staring at your nails all day, it’s very pretty.

I think I might also pick up ‘Mediterranean’, the copper and pink duo and the glitters. Maybe on the next Boots 3 for 2 deal later in the year. I love ‘Pacific’ but think it’ll still stay in a drawer until September.

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