Barry M Gelly Nail Effects | New Pastel Shade

Barry M Pastel Gelly shadesHello gorgeous pastels! The Barry M Gelly range is probably my most favourite nail polish collection so I was most excited to see three new shades added. So much so that I wrote the release date in my diary. Yep, I’m that sad. The three shades in question are milky pastels, a notoriously difficult formula to master so I was interested to see how they’d perform.

Barry M Gelly Sugar AppleThis is ‘Sugar Apple’, a mint green which is actually brighter on the nails than I expected it to be. This is with three coats. I found it a lot harder to apply evenly than the brighter shades in the range but it looked ok by the third coat. I didn’t use a top coat, the high shine finish means this step isn’t necessary.

Barry M Gelly Rose Hip‘Rose Hip’ is my favourite of the bunch and is a delicate baby pink. Again, this was three coats but was much more even on application than the other two.

Barry M Gelly HuckleberryLastly, ‘Huckleberry’, a lovely pale blue. I struggled with this one the most and had to apply four coats to ensure it was even. However, the colour is beautiful so worth it if you have the patience.

Overall, the result is pretty much what I was expecting. Trickier to handle than the brighter colours but the final colour makes up for the additional time you have to spend over it and they deliver the high-shine, gel-like finish as promised. I love all three colours, especially ‘Rose Hip’ which is quite different to anything else I own.

Barry M Gelly CollectionThis is my complete collection. Top row, left to right: ‘Papaya’; ‘Prickly Pear’; ‘Dragonfruit’; ‘Guava’; ‘Greenberry’; ‘Blueberry’. Bottom row, left to right: ‘Key Lime’; ‘Mango’; ‘Lychee’; ‘Sugar Apple’; ‘Rose Hip’; ‘Huckleberry’.

Next on the shopping list is ‘Grapefruit’ – the bright pink. No such thing as too many nail polishes.

9 thoughts on “Barry M Gelly Nail Effects | New Pastel Shade

  1. misshappybeauty says:

    Those colours are so pretty! I liked Barry M’s Gelly nails but I always find them a bit too bright

  2. Kel (@kellovestea) says:

    You have a very handsome collection there! I really like Sugar Apple, but its a shame about the tricky application! x

    • AlleyHope says:

      It is a shame but I think its almost unavoidable with white toned pastels, even more expensive brands struggle with it so these are well worth the money.

  3. bonjourchristie says:

    I didn’t even spot these! I’m definitely popping to Boots ASAP because of this post! :S
    Christie xoxo

    • AlleyHope says:

      They had them hidden in a corner in my local Superdrug! The attention has been on the Aquarium Collection but I must say I like these better.

      • bonjourchristie says:

        Yeah I’m not sure about the Aquarium polishes…but these!!!:)
        Christie xoxo

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