Sunday Catch Up #7

Happy Sunday folks. Hope you’ve all had a great week. My big news this week is that I finally went to see Gravity! Maybe that’s not that exciting to you but it was to me. Thank god for an extended run due to all the awards buzz. I saw it in IMAX 3D and loved it. Definitely worth the wait. Now I see what all the hype was about.

Science Fest and NMMSI picked up a copy of the Science Festival brochure to have a browse. As usual, we’ve got a lot of stuff circled! I’ve bought a ticket for Made Up? about makeup and beauty so expect a review of at least that event in April.

On Saturday I went home to visit my parents and met my BFF for lunch. She works at the museum I used to work at so I met her there and she showed me around the newly opened National Mining Memorial Centre. It’s great to see a new part of the colliery being used and hopefully more and more spaces will be opened up in the future.

Now Reading and Cocktail wreath previewI’ve been watching American Horror Story: Asylum recently and this has obviously influenced my reading choices as I was drawn to this Mo Hayden book, Poppet, while doing the weekly shop in Asda.  I’m really liking it, keep having extra long baths so I feel cosy and safe while reading it as it’s a bit scary!

Oooh here’s a wee preview of a DIY I’ll have up next week. It’s something I’ve had pinned for like two years and took me all of 10 minutes when I finally got round to it.

MurphyHere’s a wee bonus picture of Murphy. He looks like such an idiot here. His black lips always make him look like he’s totally gawping.

That was my week. Uneventful, just the way I like it! What have you been up to this week?


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