Rimmel Space Dust – Luna Love

Luna LoveGlitter is not just for Christmas! I’m going into the new year with some brights and glitter to lift those post-festive period blues. First up is the beautiful ‘Luna Love’ from Rimmel’s Space Dust range. This is a textured nail polish that applies evenly in two coats and has a gorgeous finish. The pink base is shot through with pink, blue and silver glitter.

Luna Love Rimmel space dustI love the addition of the blue glitter, I think that this really lifts the colour and makes it that much more special.

Rimmel Space Dust with topcoatAs I’ve said before, I love textured nail polish but know that not everyone does. Above you can see ‘Luna Love’ with a top coat added to smooth it over. I’d recommend a nice thick top coat like Seche Vite if you want to get rid of all roughness. The multi-coloured glitters still keep things interesting even without the texture.

What do you think of Rimmel’s Space Dust Range?


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