Halloween Candy Bark

Halloween Candy Bark

The best thing about Halloween is the sweeties, right? Spooky themed chews, the brief return of Creme Eggs under the guise of Screme Eggs (LOL), orange French Fancies! So feeling inspired by MilkBubbleTea, I thought I’d combine these into some ‘candy bark’. Although not the French Fancies, I just ate them. Candy bark is basically just slabs (usually chocolate although can be toffee etc) chopped or snapped into rough shards. It’s popular in the States, especially around Christmas time when everyone makes peppermint bark, hence the ‘candy’ and not just ‘chocolate’. Anyway, let’s get on with it…

Halloween Candy Bark ingredients

1 large bar milk chocolate.
2 large Milkybars (only 1 pictured) other white chocolate is fine if you can find a large, plain bar – this was all they had in my local shop.
Selection of Halloween themed sweets. I used Fizzy Jelly Tadpoles, Spooky Treats from the Natural Confectionery Company and mini Cabury Screme Eggs.

You also need a flat baking tray lined with tin foil, cling film or grease-proof paper, a sharp knife and some space in the fridge.

  • Melt the milk chocolate. I always recommend using the bain-marie method (glass bowl over a pan of boiling water), the time saved with the microwave is not worth the risk of burning chocolate to me.
  • Pour into the lined baking tray and pop into the fridge to set.

Halloween Bark

  • Melt the white chocolate. Pour over the set milk chocolate.
  • While still warm, pop on your decorations.

Halloween Candy Bark

  • Pop into the fridge to set.
  • Once set, take out of the tin and peel off the tinfoil/paper/whatever you used. Chop into shards and serve.

Halloween Candy Bark

What are your favourite Halloween treats?

5 responses to “Halloween Candy Bark

  1. This is so good, and soo chocolatey. Mm

  2. Ohh wow amazing this looks so yummy! :’D x

    http://www.krystelcouture.com ♥

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