Mani Monday – Autumn Picks

Autumn nail picksSo another season is upon us and it’s time to decide what’s going to be adorning our nails in the run up to the glitter explosion that is the Festive season. Well for me, autumn nails are all about experimenting with finishes and textures. As always, this list is representative, I will be wearing more than these five, I do have a lot to choose from y’know.

Autumn nail picksLeft to right: Nails Inc ‘Savile Row’; Barry M Textured ‘Majesty’; Max Factor ‘Fantasy Fire’; OPI ‘Peace & Love & OPI’; Nails Inc ‘Pinkie Pink’.

Nails Inc Savile row‘Savile Row’, you are the most perfect dark plum. This creme is a dream to apply, layers for darkness and looks ace with an accent nail accompaniment (yeah, all about accent nails in the autumn), or a matte french tip.

Barry M MajestyI blogged about this whole collection last month, and I absolutely love it. ‘Majesty’ is a great transitioning burnished gold for when you’re not quite ready for yellow gold yet. Wear it without a topcoat for autumn texture.

Max Factor Fantasy Fire‘Fantasy Fire’ is absolutely gorgeous but nigh on impossible to capture on camera. It applies sheers so you need a good few coats but then you are rewarded with the most mesmerizing mix of a deep purple base with fiery red shimmer and a slight hint of a duochrome green element. One of those polishes that’ll have you holding your hand up to your face throughout the day to ooh over.

OPI Peace and love and OPIStepping up the duochrome factor with this mini from the OPI San Francisco collection. This shimmery shade is both olive and aubergine for days when you just can’t decide.

Nails Inc Pinkie PinkFinally, we have ‘Pinkie Pink’ which is in aid of Breast Cancer Campaign. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month so get your pinkies glittered up and show support for this great cause. A donation is made when you buy the bottle, and Nails Inc will also donate again for every picture you tweet of you, or someone else, wearing the shade. Find out more here.

Matte autumn nails As an added bonus, here  is my matte topcoat of choice: Nails Inc ‘Westminster Bridge’. It is pricey at £12, but the bottle is huge and will last you ages. I love mixing the finishes up, some nails gloss, some matte, mattifying glitter, gloss french tips, matte half moons, the possibilities are endless.

What are your top nail polish picks for Autumn?


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