Easter Treats

Easter CakeI love Easter. It’s the one holiday that makes me wish I was a child again. You don’t really get Easter as an adult in the way that you do Christmas. There’s no egg painting, picnics and egg rolling on Easter Sunday over the age of 13. Sure, you can get a chocolate egg, but you kinda have to buy it yourself.Β  So instead, I bake.

Easter ingredientsYou’ll see from the ingredients picture that I cheated and bought packet mixtures. But like egg painting, the fun is in the decorating. I couldn’t find proper Cadbury’s Mini Eggs so the Pixar bag in the middle is the equivalent. I used Wilton Food Colouring Gel to dye the vanilla frosting green. It is super concentrated and as its gel, doesn’t change the consistency of you icing. I can’t recommend it enough.

The Easter Bunny’s Hilltop Cake cakeUsing the Betty Crocker Red Velvet Cake Mix is dead simple. Just add some water, vegetable oil and 3 eggs, give it a stir and pop it in the oven. It comes out a darker red (almost brown) than the box suggests but it tastes lovely and chocolatey and is perfectly moist. You can bake from scratch of course, but I wanted to save time and really go to town on the decorations: easter cake close upI’m so happy with how this turned out. It will make a great centrepiece for the Easter dinner table.

Creme Egg Stuffed Cookies creme egg stuffed cookiesSince packet mixes are such time-savers, I also whipped up these bad boys. Creme Eggs are the ultimate Easter candy. The more stuff they’re baked into the better I think. creme egg cookiesThe Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix gives you 5 nice sized cookies, each with a whole Mini Creme Egg wrapped in it, with a wee bit left over. All you add to the box is a splash of water (and the Creme Eggs) so even if you needed two or three boxes, it is still an inexpensive way of doing things. I took these out of the oven when they were golden brown but still slighty spongy to the touch so that they were lovely and chewy. creme egg stuffed cookiesLook at that!! These were all scoffed immediately after this photo was taken. If you do want to cook these from scratch I have a handy recipe over here.

Happy Easter y’all!


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