Spending Ban – A Pledge

Spending banYesterday I spent Β£30 on an advent calendar. It’s October. I’m an adult. I know I can justify this to fellow bloggers (it’s the Boots Beauty one, cheaper than the others) but that’s not really the point. Therefore, I decided to give this old spending ban thing a go.

This month, I do hereby swear, that I will not spend any (more) money on beauty products for myself. The exceptions will be stuff I need (shampoo etc) and gifts for other people (I’m doing a beauty swap and I like to start my Christmas shopping early). I promise I will not do that thing where I buy 2 things I don’t really need in order to get one thing for free. I will recognise that such deals are beneficial to the retailer, not to me.

I will also not buy any clothes I do not need. I will not buy any books, e-books, DVDs or Blu-Rays as I already have a backlog to watch.

Instead I will busy myself by making online wish lists – sigh – working on this here blog and sorting out my house i.e. doing the washing up.

Let’s start small and get to the end of October and see how we go. Wish me luck! I think I’ll need it.

Oh and no more stationery!



15 thoughts on “Spending Ban – A Pledge”

  1. Good for you! I swear by YouTuber pinksofoxy’s (Christine) videos about purging makeup called “Less Stuff, Less Stress” and her “Makeout 2013” project. Watch those for inspiration!!!

      1. Definitely, I really admire what she was saying about the levels of consumerism and pressure in Youtube (and blogs) and donating products to women’s shelters.

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