Photo A Day – Weeks 38 & 39

Hurrah! I have the internet again. Here’s a double issue of the photo a day challenge to celebrate.

Day 16: Frame FramePacking up my old room, just some frames I was taking with me.

Day 17: In front of me In front of meMore painting.

Day 18: Vintage VintageMy mum’s vintage tea set that she refuses to give me! I love it, so lovely.

Day 19: What is this? What is this?Errr…..

Day 20: In the morning In the morningI find it difficult to let go of my bed.

Day 21: Rule of thirds Rule of thirds1 third houses, 2 thirds sky.

Day 22: Made me smile Made me smileYey stationery order arrived! It is completely necessary to have an eraser shaped like a polar bear, don’t pretend it’s not.

Day 23: From my childhood From my childhoodThis was one of my favourite films. I always thought that it was possible to ride on the back of a golden eagle, turns out it’s really not.

Day 24: Space SpaceSpace for hanging my Instagrams. I love this frame, can’t wait for my mini pegs to arrive so that I can fill it.

Day 25: H is for… H is forHair! My hair really needs cut ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Day 26: Curve CurveWashi taped a round pot to keep my washi tape in.

Day 27: WTF? WTF??? New addition to the incredible decor in the Maltings Bar in Berwick. Insane.

Day 28: 10 o’clock 10 o'clock10pm and I’m ushering at the Inntravel Award for Best Short Film where Nick James just presented the award to Premature by Gunhild Enger.

Day 29: Goldย GoldMore ushering. This time for the hugely inspiring Bravehearts by Kari Anne Moe.

All in all, it’s been a busy couple of weeks! Follow me on Instagram @AlleyHope for regular postings.


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