Mani Monday – Barry M Royal Glitters Collection

Barry M Royal Glitters Collection

So I may have gone and bought the whole collection on the day it was released. I was just lucky that the matte collection was not yet in stock or all that would have gone in the basket.

I love them all, they’re just so Autumny! The colours, the glitter, the rich texture, I just love it. They are a bargain £3.99 and available in Boots and Superdrug.

Royal GlittersThumb – ‘Princess’; Index finger – ‘Countess’; Middle finger – ‘Duchess’; Ring finger – ‘Lady’; Pinky finger – ‘Majesty’.

First up is ‘Princess’, a super girly pink as the name suggests. I needed three coats with this before it covered up my free edge. The gold glitter gives it an unexpected twist. I would liken it to being OPI’s ‘Jinx’s little sister. Gorgeous!

‘Countess’ is my favourite by far. It only needs one coat and although it looks brown in the bottle it is actually a deep purple with heaps of gold glitter in it. I  think it is a lovely, classy, fall shade.

‘Duchess’ is another light pink but filled with silver glitter giving it a much cooler toned look. ‘Duchess’ is a lovely, very wearable shade, although maybe the least special in the collection to me at least.

‘Lady’ gives the same look as a sugar dusted snowy morning. A great winter shade.

‘Majesty’ is, as the name suggests, the pure gold of the collection. It is a burnished gold shade, a key trend for A/W 2013.

Barry M PrincessThis is the incredibly pretty ‘Princess’. You can see the texture more clearly in this picture. I personally like the texture, but some may find it distracting. If that’s the case you can apply a thick top coat like Seche Vite for a glossy finish.

I really like all of these nail polishes and I’m really glad I bit the bullet and purchased all five shades. I feel like all of them are very wearable and are making me happy that it is now officially autumn. These will definitely help me to get over not wearing turquoise every day!

What do you think of the Royal Glitter collection? Will you be buying any?


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