Photo A Day – Week 37

I am moving house this week and will be very busy getting the place sorted for the rest of the month. That, coupled with the fact that I’ll have no internet til the 27th September means I won’t be posting much. Hopefully lots to come next month though. I’m staying at my parents tonight while the paint dries in my new bedroom so taking advantage of their wi-fi for my Sunday tradition – Photo a Day:

Day 9: On the wall On the wallFirst glimpse into the new pad. This is the room which will become the master bedroom. The blue wall and the car picture are no longer there, awesome as they were.

Day 10: Sweet SweetThat Jelly Popping Candy Shells Dairy Milk is the best chocolate ever! And how could I say no to Cola Pretzel Honeycomb? I love washing down chocolate with Coke, two wrongs do make a right.

Day 11: What you did today What you did todayWent for ice cream with Kerry, Craig and DJ. DJ gets a small scoop of vanilla which normally he takes nicely but today he ate it in one chomp then freaked out. He was so pleased with himself!

Day 12: Shadow ShadowHaven’t we already had a shadow one? Anyway, bunny ears.

Day 13: Unexpected UnexpectedBroke the news to Murphy that I was moving out so David wouldn’t be round to visit him much anymore. He was devastated. He never hugs anyone else like this.

Day 14: Liquid LiquidAnd so it begins. Goodbye Aruba Blue 3, hello Nordic Spa. We do like geographic paint names.

Day 15: Season SeasonYeah I’m busy but I always make time for a bit a magazine reading on a Sunday. Especially as the new A/W trends are in. Oh how I’ve missed you, chunky knit jumpers!

Will still be running up my 3G bill Instagramming up a frenzy while I am internet-less so please follow me there to make the bill seem worth it: @AlleyHope


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