Photo a Day – Week 36

Today I’ve just come from a friend’s wedding. I wish the Sunday prompt was something that would have let me share a snap from it but it is ‘made by me’ and I just couldn’t swing it. Soz.

Day 2: My name begins with… My name begins withA!

Day 3: Lines LinesI especially like the line that says ‘Course Completed Successfully’.

Day 4. Alone AloneToday was Sadia’s sorta hen party. I got to Vodka Rev pretty early so just sat by myself like a loser. Oh well! Great night.

Day 5. Here forever Here foreverWent shopping after work then spent ages waiting for the bus. Always with the waiting for the bus crap.

Day 6: Getting ready getting readyThis how Murphy gets ready for his evening expedition. He has a roll about and a stretch. He has a quick bath. He sharpens his claws. He sits there looking at you until you get up to open the door.

Day 7: White WhiteExtremely lazy Saturday today. Treated myself to a bubble bath using The Comforter from Lush. So good!

Day 8: Made by me Made by meHealthy lunch for tomorrow.

That was my week minus the wedding excitement. You missed out. Follow me on Instagram @AlleyHope if you like!


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