They’re Heeerrre! Maybelline Baby Lips

Maybelline Baby LipsYep, so I was one of those saddos that signed up to the Boots waiting list to find out when these would finally be in stock in the UK. I had well and truly fallen for the hype surrounding Maybelline Baby Lips. But in my defense, at least I did wait and didn’t fork out for international shipping. Happily, Maybelline is currently on a 3for2 offer in Boots so I ordered three out of the six flavours/colours released on Wednesday.

Maybelline Baby LipsFrom top to bottom: ‘Mint Fresh’, clear, mint flavoured; ‘Cherry Me’, red, cherry flavoured; ‘Pink Punch’, pink, passionfruit flavoured.

Firstly, the packaging is really cute and I think that this has contributed to the success of Baby Lips. The scent of each of these is pretty artificial but not in a very unpleasant way. They feel moisturising on the lips and last a good amount of time.

‘Mint Fresh’ really reminds me of the brand Lipsyl that you always see in chemists. I feels cooling on the lips, not tingly, which is very pleasant.

‘Cherry Me’ is my favourite of the three. It leaves a nice soft red gloss on the lips but the additional of a pop of colour does not compromise on the moisturising qualities.

‘Pink Punch’ is lovely, especially the smell, but I feel that the pink leans a little too much on the blue side for me.

For £2.99 these are a great buy. I am tempted to also try the ‘Peach Kiss’ and I think that I would repurchase a clear one and possibly the ‘Cherry Me’ one too.

What do you think of Baby Lips? Which is your favourite? Or would you rather buy any other budget balms over them?


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