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I am a cat person. I don’t care if that gives you the image of a cat old spinster (offensive, much?), it’s true. So when I saw Vivatramp‘s post on her lovely moggy Charles, I knew I had to do one for the special kitty in my life. If you’ve been here before you’ll know who this is, but if not, please meet Murphy: Hello

  • What is your pet’s name?

Murphy! He was named by the shelter who took him in as a stray. We liked the name so we kept it. Think it suits him.


  • Does your pet have any nicknames?

Murph, Murph-o, Murphzilla, Buddy, Buddy-Bud-Bud, Monster.


  • What kind of pet is he and what breed?

He’s a cat. He’s no particular breed, although we do think he is a Scottish Wild Cat hybrid. Not half and half, but maybe a wee quarter. There are a number of reasons why we think this. His tail, markings, skin and fur are all consistent with the description of a hybrid. He also displays certain characteristics which you don’t see in most domestic cats. His hunting instinct is very strong, even though he is throughly pampered here. I’ve seen him go into a mad trance when he’s hunting and he is extremely defensive of his territory.


  • How old is your pet and how long have you had your pet friend?

He is about 10 years old. We’ve had him for about 7 years. We don’t know for sure but roughly he’s about middle-age.


  • How did you get your pet?

We had our previous cat, Tigger, for about 16 years. He died when I was 19 and that was the age that he was as well. A few months later, my mum started to miss the companionship (Me and my brother had moved out and my dad works abroad). So she and my dad went to the local cat rescue where they found this monster. They had to wait two weeks for him as he was a stray and they needed to see if an owner would come forward. It’s very sad that no one did but it was clear that he had been stray for a while as he was pretty skinny. Happily, he’s found a good forever home with us.


  • What are some quirky things about your pet’s personality.

Murph likes to keep a set routine. He gets let in when my dad gets up and has breakfast. Then he goes out when dad leaves for work. He comes back in when I get up half an hour later and begs me for more breakfast (he doesn’t realise I’m wise to his 3-breakfast plan). Then when I leave, he waits for my mum to get up, has a cuddle on her knee while she has breakfast, and then inevitably my mum gives him his (second) breakfast.Then he sleeps all day in the living room, goes out at 7 to fight with the cat that lives across the road, comes in at 8 to sleep in my room, goes out at 10ish for the night. I presume he spends the night hunting mice and baby birds. Theres usually evidence of this in the morning.

He also hates drinking straws and must kill any he sees. He loves watching TV. He seems to like fighting other cats but is bad at it. He has been bitten through the ear – pierced straight through – several times along with countless other injuries. He also likes play fighting with my dad but he would never do this to my mum. He doesn’t meow much. Sometimes he will drool on your food.


  • What does your relationship with your pet mean to you?

Loads! I love my Murph-o. He’s my source of entertainment, my favourite model and a lovely fluffy pal. He’s part of the family really.


  • What are some of your favourite past times with your pet and what are your favourite memories?

The above picture is one of them! It’s the source of the Murphzilla nickname. I bought my brother a Scalextric for Christmas and Murphy jumped straight in there to kill the cars. It was pretty funny.

I also have fond memories of the cat with my brother’s kids. He can be a bit grumpy and usually goes off in a huff when they come in but sometimes he has enough patience for them. Once Jess managed to stand on his ear when he was lying on the floor. He squeaked which startled her. So instead of bolting as he normally would he got up and gave her head bumps, which was very sweet.

Mostly, I love times like now, in the evening where we just chill in my room together.


Look at that face! Yep, I’m a fully fledged crazy cat lady and proud. I would love to hear about your pets, please share in the comments!


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