Photo A Day – Week 23

This week went so quickly, I haven’t done any blog posts all week! But I did manage to keep up with the photo a day challenge. This week is pretty flowery:

Day 3: On my table On my tableMad bunch of flowers! These are my mum’s birthday bouquet, I think from my brother.

Day 4: After dark after darkMani time at Kerry’s.

Day 5: Environment environmentCherry blossom!

Day 6: Transport transportMode of transport today was David’s car. Love days when I don’t have to get the bus.

Day 7: Bright brightI don’t know what type of flower this is but I like the bright purple-ness of it.

Day 8: An animal an animalMy favourite animal – Murphy. chilling out in the garden, trying not to overheat. He has really thick fur with a black stripe down his back so the sunny weather is not the best for him.

Day 9: From down low from down lowMiss Dita perched on the top of the sofa spying on the neighbours below. Naughty pup.

Always good to end the week on a puppy pic I think! Follow me on Instagram @AlleyHope.


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