Friday Favourites – 10 May

Yeah! Friday Faves on a Friday! I’m looking forward to this weekend because I have exactly zero plans. Bliss. This week I have been mostly thinking about this stuffs:

Dita! DitaCuddles from this monster make me very happy.

Balmi Balmi CoconutI have a full on addiction to this lip balm. It is so soft and silky and oh my, smells amazing. Plus they have SPF 15. Score.

Available from Boots for £4.99. Pricey but worth it.

Vita Coco Vita CocoMore coconutty goodness. Trying really hard to cut down on the amount of fizzy juice I drink so exploring new lunchtime options. I expected to hate this, the last time I had fresh coconut water it was really bitter and undrinkable. However, now I think I had been sold an off coconut, because this was lovely. Plus it helps me to increase my water count without rotting my teeth. Gonna need to hunt down the other flavours now!

The Worlds End

So excited!

Barry M Summer Releases Confetti Gelly Nail Paint SummerAh so many wonderful things! I cannot possess them all. These are two new additions to the Barry M Nail Catalogue. The “inspired by Nails Inc” Confetti range looks so pretty and I cannot resist the Gellys anyway so… restraint. I really want to try all of the Confettis and the ‘Key Lime’ and ‘Blue Grape’ Gellys. And maybe the ‘Guava’ too. Barry M also have a new Sequin range which I thought looked pretty until I saw swatches which made them look gross. I’m actually pleased about his, I really don’t need a longer list.

You can see swatches of the Confetti range here and the new Gellys here. They go on sale 6th June in Superdrug and 12th June in Boots for £3.99 each. Run!

Now for the weekend to begin! Hope you have a good one 🙂


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